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Brisbane Cultural Centre - QLD

The Brisbane Cultural Centre is the hub of Brisbane's arts scene, with a spectacular setting on the South Bank it incorporates the Queensland Art Gallery (first established in 1895, the Gallery of Modern Art (Australia's second largest public art museum), the Queensland Museum & Science Centre, the State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Performing Art Centre.

The State Library

Queensland Museum & Science Centre
A natural history museum filled with full scale models, both prehistoric and current. Here is a collection of my favourites:

Dinosaur Discovery

Broken Hill - NSW

Mt Morgan - QLD

Blue Winged Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra

Eastern Tube-nosed Bat


Royal Spoonbill

Sea Creatures

Green Pythons
Young Green Pythons are bright yellow which provides perfect camouflage among the fallen leaves on the forest floor. Adults shelter during the day in the canopy and hunt on the ground at night.

The World Turns Parekowhai 2006
this sculpture casts a native water rat, the kuril, in the role of hero.
Along with the traditional Aboriginal custodians, the kuril is one of the caretakers of the land upon which the gallery and this sculpture stand. Here, the kuril is planted firmly on the ground, going about its business, even though it has shifted the world - represented by a large, upturned elephant - from the axis.

Koori Meeting Place
A designated meeting place for the Aboriginal members of the communities, made form local sandstone and allowing them to light open fires.

Queensland Art Museum
The gallery was established in 1895 as the Queensland National Art Gallery.
Throughout its early history the gallery was housed in a series of temporary premises, and did not have a permanent home until the opening of its current architecturally-acclaimed building on Brisbane's South Bank in 1982, the first stage of the monumental Robin Gibson-designed Queensland Cultural Centre.

Morumbeeja Pitoa (Floods and Moonlight) Lin Onus 1993
This painting shows the artists country, the Barmah Forrest, in flood by moonlight. Reflections of flooded gums and silver-lines moonlit clouds reflect off the water's surface, under which fish are seen swimming.
the fish are cloaked in rarrk, a cross-hatching design Onus learnt in Arnhem Land and incorporated into much of his work as a reminder of this Aboriginal land.

First Days of Retirement Choe Chang Ho 2009
Ink on Mulberry Paper
Breaktime Im Hyok 2009
Ink painting is a revered practice in North Korea and has an established history in the arts of East Asia. These brush and ink paintings are drawn from a suite of five that were inspired by the Mansudae artist's site visits to the Kansong Steelworks, a site which holds an important part in the history of the nation.

The skin speaks a language not its own Bharti Kher 2006
Bharti Kher uses stick-on bindis as a central motif in her practice. In India, the bindi was traditionally a mark of pigment applied to the forehead to Hindu men and money to symbolise the 'third eye'. Today, it is commercially manufactured and has become a popular decorative item for girls and women. Kher views the daily ritual of applying this third eye as offering the possibility of seeing the world with fresh eyes. she uses this tiny object to transform various objects and surface allowing the viewer to look at them anew.
In The skin speaks a language not its own, Kher uses thousands of tiny white bindis to cover the surface of a full-sized fibreglass elephant, reclining on the brink of death. the white elephant is revered across Asia as a symbol of dignity, intelligence and strength.

Gallery of Modern Art
Focussing on 20th and 21st Century works from Australia it is the largest gallery of modern and contemporary art in Australia.
Lounge with a view

Powerful Connections Matilda Rodgers 2014
pastel on paper.

Wall of portraits

Y.N.G.M.S Mobile Studio Yoshitomo Nara and graf 2009
Automobile with reclaimed timber, synthetic polymer paint on wood panel, found objects and drawings on paper.

PixCell Double Deer Kohei Nawa 2010
Fusing the natural and virtual realms through exquisite studies in form and perception through the application of transparent glass or resin beads.
The outer surface approximates the thousands of pixels that make up digital images, recreating the visual experience of the computer screen in sculptural form.

Landscape in silence Kimio Tsuchiya 1996
The moon consisting of chunks of wood cut from trees about to be felled, is a sculpture about loss recalling the phases of the moon.

Breath-graph Tokihiro Sato 1988
Created using a dark filter over the camera lens, with the shutter left open for three hours. During this time, Sato used a penlight to make vertical gestures in the air as he moved through the space. The camera does not catch the movement of the artist as they are too fast - only the strokes of light that penetrate the filter.

Woods III Shigeo Toya 1991
Squared-off tree trunks set in an open grid, suggesting a copse or forest with elaborate patterns carved in using a chainsaw.

Amata paintings
Amata community is located in north-western South Australia. Both men and women paint abstract imagery adapted from traditional symbols and concepts. These seven works were painted by families, including grandmothers, their daughters and grandchildren.

Waturru Our Country 2012

Seven Sisters 2011

Punu 2011

Flowers that bloom at midnight Yayoi Kusama 2011
At once simplified and fantastical, with a great starring eye and a polker-dotted finish. Though its scale and alien appearance evoke a strange and overwhelming power, its pristine surfaces and exuberant tones are decidedly joyous.

Reflection Model Takahiro Iwasaki 2010
An intricate miniature recreation of Phoneniz Hall, and the building's reflection, appearing as a three-dimensional mirrored image floating in space.
It exemplifies conceptions of 'oriental' architecture, bearing an uneasy relationship to exotic conceptions of Japan, and Asia generally.

Soul under the moon Yayoi Kusama 2015
Based on the mirrored concept of an infinity room.
Set in space with UV lighting.
Remembering to remain on the walkway into the room, as water surrounds the internal area!

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