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Fremantle - WA

Fremantle is one of Western Australia's most historic cities. A wealth of 19th century buildings remains, including superb examples from the gold rush period.
Founded on the Indian Ocean in 1829, at the mouth of the swan River, Fremantle was intended to be a port for the new colony, but was only used as such when an artificial harbour was dredged at the end of the 19th century.

The town still has thriving harbours

and, in 1987, it hosted the America’s Cup. Many sites were renovated for the event and street cafes and restaurants sprang up.
The America's Cup yachting race has been run every four years since 1851. Not until 1983 however did a country other than the United States win this coveted trophy. This was the year that Australia II carried it home.
My first venture into Fremantle was for the Street Arts Festival, Australia's biggest and best street arts festival held over the Easter long weekend. Performers from around the globe invaded the streets, turning them into over 11 stages to amuse, astound and amaze.
There was plenty of local and international acts, busking, street theatre, comedy, circus acts, cabaret and much, much more. The roads were closed to allow for the acts and the crowds to gather, giving people space to relax
and restaurants room to expand
This year performers took part from the USA, Japan, Italy, the UK, France, Cuba, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.
I'm not sure where these guys were from...!

Zap Circus gathered quite a crowd to show off daredevil acts

Winterbourne were one of many live bands taking up a spot on the closed road

there was music of all kinds around the city

Some amazing street art was being done live

This retro artist was using graffiti to produce his pieces of artwork

and on a smaller scale, but still impressive this lady was doing pet portraits from people's phone images

This chap wasn't just gazing into his crystal ball

The Round House was built in 1930 and is Fremantle’s oldest building.
It was the town's first gaol and, in 1844, site of the colony's first hanging.
Beneath is a tunnel dug in 1837 to allow whalers to transfer cargo from the jetty to the High Street.
The cannon at the Fremantle Roundhouse is manned by volunteers and fired at 1pm everyday except for Christmas Day and Good Friday
The views from the top were great

Fremantle Markets In 1897 a competition was announced to design a suitable building to act as Fremantle's Market Hall.
The winning design still stands today, having been renovated in 1975. There are more than 170 stalls offering everything from fruit and vegetables to opals.

E-Shed Markets are located waterside on Fremantle's historic Victoria Quay and have some 80 stalls. E-Shed Markets offer unique gifts and souvenirs, local arts and crafts, international food court and free entertainment every weekend

Fremantle Prison - in the 1850's, when the first group of convicts arrived in the Saw River Colony, the need arose for a large-scale prison., An imposing building with a sturdy gate-house and a cold, forbidding limestone cell block was built by those first convicts in 1855. It is the largest convict built structure in Western Australia and is the most intact in the entire country. It was not closed until 1991.
In 1894 prisoners completed construction of the 1km labyrinth of tunnels located 20 metres beneath the Prison. water from the tunnels sustained thousands of people in the Fremantle area in the late 1800's.

St Patrick Catholic Church - built in 1900, decorated gothic style and constructed of limestone.
and some other church...

The Port of Fremantle operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is the states; principal general cargo port, handling 74% by value of WA's sea-borne imports. Total trade through Fremantle Ports in 2013-2014 was 33.5 million mass tonnes, worth more than $28.4 billion.

Other sites included the Post Office

The Technical College

Esplande Hotel

Even the bike shelter seemed interesting

'Freo' has retained its migrant driven cosmopolitan culture. There is always something happening around the town and it is a hub for art lovers with local musicians and street performers out to impress.

One of my favourite spots was suggested by one of the shearer back in Victoria - Little Creatures Brewery.
One of many small scale breweries along the waterfront in Fremantle, but with a great atmopshese,
stone pizza over, and a perfect view from the garden.

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